Human Resource Management

Employees are one of the biggest assets of any company, A smooth and effective working of a company depends on its employees. In this post we will discuss how Human Resource Management (HRM) can help your organization to manage your resource properly. With HRM you can manage all your staff working effectively and efficiently such as contracts, time management, skills management and other related activity.

HRMS - Human Resource Management System. The function of the HR department is similar to all organizations such as employee selection, evaluation and payroll process, time sheets, attendance, contracts,etc, however, Human Resource management is a complex process. An organization cannot grow without a perfect Human Resource Management of resources.

O2berp provides you with a robust and feature rich HRM module, with an array of functionalities to address your HR needs. You can effectively manage human resources by aligning your manpower and skills with your organizations goals and missions. Our HRM simplifies various HR management functions by automating repetitive tasks.

Features of O2berp Human Resource Management:

  1. Manage:
    1. Employee profile creation:
      Gather all information about each employee at one place.
    2. Contract management:
      Keep track of your employees’ status, job titles, contract type and dates, and their schedule.
    3. Timesheet Management:
      Create weekly and monthly timesheets and follow the time spent by your employees on projects.
    4. Attendance tracking:
      Keep track of your employees’ attendance. HR managers can easily report employees' monthly/daily attendance with the menu entry and state.
    5. Leave management:
      Manage holidays, legal leaves and sick days.
    6. Dashboards:
      Get a dashboard per manager.
  2. Collaborate:
    1. Enterprise Social Network:
      Follow employees and documents, join discussion groups, share files, and chat in real time.
    2. Gamification:
      Design challenges, goals and rewards with clear targets and objectives to drive engagement and reward your employees’ performance.
  3. Integrations:
    1. Recruitment:
      Manage your hiring process: Organize your vacancies job applications.Turn applicants into employees in just one click.
      Track job offers: See which channel drives most applications and gather all of them.
      Customize your recruitment process: Create your own hiring strategies. Define your own stages and interviewers.
      Simplify application management: Index resumes, track applicants, search profiles.
      Integrated Surveys: Define your own online/offline surveys.
    2. Expenses:
      Easily manage employee expenses
      Save time on expense reports: Everything in one place.
      Stop losing receipts: Upload all receipts directly into the expense record.
      Share the workload between departments: Get everyone involved to save time.
    3. Appraisals:
      Set up periodical employee evaluation: Strengthen your company's key asset: employees Build the right appraisal.
      Design your own survey: Use templates or create them all the way.
      If you are looking for an ERP implementation service or single module for your specific need we will make it for you.