Mass Mailing

If you are in marketing or trying approach customer through emails, then its for you. We have got mass mailing module especially for such organization. It will send thousands of emails on a click.
Let discuss in brief about O2berp mass mailing module. Listed below are features of the module:

  • Easily send mass mailing to your leads, opportunities or customers. Track marketing campaigns performance to improve conversion rates. Design professional emails and reuse templates in a few clicks.
  • Import database of prospects or filter on existing leads, opportunities and customers in just a few clicks. Define email templates to reuse content or specific design for your newsletter. Setup several email servers with their own IP/domain to optimise opening rates.
  • Get real time statistics on campaigns performance to improve your conversion rate. Track mails sent, received, opened and answered. Easily manage your marketing campaigns, discussion groups, leads and opportunities in one simple and powerful platform.
  • Get access to mass mailing features from every app to improve the way your users communicate. Send template of emails from CRM opportunities, select leads based on marketing segments, send jobs offers and automate answers to applicants, reuse email template in the lead automation marketing campaigns. Answers to your emails appears automatically in the history of every document with the social network module.
  • The marketing department will love working on campaigns. But you can also give a one click mass mailing facility to all others users on their own prospects or documents. Select a few documents (e.g. leads, support tickets, suppliers, applicants, ...) and send emails to their contacts in one click, reusing existing emails templates.
  • The chatter feature enables you to communicate faster and more efficiently with your customer. Get documents created automatically (leads, opportunities, tasks, ...) based on answers to your mass mailing campaigns Follow the discussion directly on the business documents within Odoo or via email. Get all the negotiations and discussions attached to the right document and relevant managers notified on specific events.
  • Get the insights you need to make smarter marketing campaign. Track statistics per campaign: bounce rates, sent mails, best content, etc. The clear dashboards gives you a direct overview of your campaign performance.

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