why us

Complete Customization

Since no two businesses are alike, O2Berp has been designed to be highly customizable. Each customer of ours has unique business processes that they would like reflected in their software. Although our software has significant out-of-the-box functionality, our programmers are able to accommodate modifications to the software so it fits just right.

A Completely Dedicated Team

We have a tight-knit team, so dealing with us feels much more personal than some of the larger vendors out there. We have a dedicated support team which means no more waiting on hold for long periods of time and speaking with representatives overseas. O2Berp is always a phone call away.

A Complete Understanding

We spend the time required to get to know your business before assuming we have a solution for you. We want to work out your requirements and make sure we work through solutions for your specific business and thenshow you how we can accommodate those processes

Complete Service

An O2Berp implementation does not leave you scrambling to get things done. Our implementation includes in-depth classroom-style training and detailed data-migration from your current system. We don’t leave the data transfer to you — we help clean up, structure and import your operating history and data. We do all of the heavy lifting!

Continuously Innovating

Our software always takes advantage of the latest and greatest in technology such as mobile applications, bar code scanners and eCommerce. We improve our product continually, introducing new features on an on-going basis. We are under active development 100% of the time with exciting new features always in the pipeline