The O2Berp POS allows you to manage your shop sales very easily. The main function of point-of-sale is to make transactions easy to manage without hampering quick, efficient service or customer data. Daily sales of products, picking and delivery of the products and invoicing are some of the important features provided by this module. Listed below are the main features of the Point of Sale Module:

Fully Web Based Application

O2Berp POS is a fully web based application, so that you don’t have to install or deploy any software. All the sales shops can be easily consolidated. It is a touch screen based application that can be used on iPads, Laptops, Desktops and POS terminals.

Easy to Use

O2Berp POS has a user friendly and intuitive user interface. It is very quick in speed and extremely easy to use and requires no user training.

Highly Reliable

O2Berp POS can be used in offline mode, even when internet connection is down. It automatically synchronizes with the server when the connection is restored. Also, you do not loose data on closing and reopening the browser.

Easily Search Products

Easily find products by name, product number or description. You also can browse through products by categories or browse through hierarchical categories (restaurants). O2Berp allows integrating barcode scanners that would further ease your tasks.

Fast Encoding of Sales

O2Berp POS allows you to create and confirm picking list automatically. O2Berp also allows the user to create invoices automatically and refund former sales. POS automatically computes the amount of money to be returned.

Multiple Sales

You can register several sales in parallel by putting them on hold and add products or pay later. This can be very useful in restaurants where orders can be held in queue, put on hold or processed.

Multiple Payment Methods

O2Berp allows to choose one payment mode (the quick way) or to split the payment between several payment modes

Other Features

Opening and closing of cash registers, multiple-users, powerful statistics, Table management and group management.