Project Management

Project Management will help you to manage a lot of projects with people working around the world. Using this you can efficiently manage tasks for customer projects as well as our support issues in real time, agile, social and flexible way. In this different views are designed to fit your own needs: work on tasks and issues using the kanban view; control deadlines in the calendar view. Keep track of everything, from the big picture to the minute details, from the customer contract to the billing. Task Management with alerts to stay up to date with all that interests you, with collaborative writing to work on the same task at the same time, with task delegation and a chatter to work together. It automatically creates new tasks and issues from incoming emails, allowing you to collaborate easily with customers.

O2berp’s Project Management App has a beautiful Dashboard which displays all projects with the count of the task under that project.

A project is an activity processed by your employees. It can be internal or customer-oriented.
You can create new project either directly from dashboard or from Projects -> Configuration -> Projects In project form, we can set project manager, privacy, and customer from the settings tab. Project Privacy:
– On invitation only: Employees may only see followed project, task, and issues.
– Visible by all employees: employees see all tasks or issues.
– Visible by following customers: employees see everything; if a website is activated portal users may see a project, task or issues followed by them or someone of their company.
Also, you can able to create a task under project from tasks super button in a project from view.
We can customize task stages for a project by adding and removing items from Projects -> Configuration ->Stages
In tasks, stages form we can set Email template for sending automatic email on changing task stages.

Now when the projects are running employee can record their daily activities in time sheets. Each employee can encode and track their time spent on the different projects and also This helps the overall team to estimate the total time spent for that particular project and also calculate the remaining days to complete the work.
Now manage all your projects through o2berp project management app