The Purchase Module of O2Berp enables you to track your suppliers’ price quotations and convert them into Purchase Orders as you require. Various features of the Purchase Module allow you to handle all of your purchase orders in a very effective manner. Let us look at some of the key features of the purchase module

Manage Purchase Requisitions

Manage your purchase requisitions in an efficient manner and automate tasks to keep track of quotations sent to a multitude of suppliers. Request for Quotations can also be created based on automatic procurements created by O2Berp. O2Berp automatically completes the supplier contact address and supplier pricelists based on the conditions negotiated with the supplier. O2Berp’s replenishment management rules enable the system to generate draft purchase orders automatically, or you can configure it to run a lean process, driven entirely by current production needs. Alerts can be set on the supplier or when the purchaser enters a price request or order.

Manage Goods receipt

O2Berp provides several methods of monitoring and tracking the receipt of ordered goods. You can handle partial deliveries in O2Berp, so you can keep track of items that are still to be delivered on your orders, and you can issue reminders automatically.

Control your Invoices

O2Berp allows you to easily control your supplier invoicing based on different modes. Invoicing control based on orders, allows you to automatically generate a supplier invoice in the draft state when the order is confirmed, a method often used in service companies where the invoiced amounts correspond to the ordered amounts. In logistics, by contrast, invoicing is controlled by goods receipt. Invoice control based on incoming shipments on the other hand allows you to create an invoice when receptions are validated. In O2Berp you can link your delivery charges automatically to invoices based on products delivered or ordered.